Ip10 Corporate begins as a start up with small but confident steps in 2021. Started with an objective to create a gift brand for everyone and grown as a corporate gifting company with its own manufacturer units and suppliers which is the only beginning of our success story.


Ip10 Corporate today is a superior flagship, innovative and a trustworthy quality products to its customers. We are achieving this through a pioneering spirit, value-driven culture that takes innovation, drives performance and customer satisfaction ensures the highest universal standards in everything we do.


First Customer: We build our customers by design. Their perception is our reality.

Customers make the brand: our brand is earned by trying to do hard things well. We pioneer dreams and aspirations in achieving success.

Culture and teamwork: We are acting synergically with Traders, Suppliers, Manufacturers and other sectors to build our strength on the power of people's skills and relations.

Creativity and innovation: We don’t force our innovation and creativity to customers, we simply work together on a smarter approach and make what they want with an integrated idea.


Our main objective is to provide reasonable price on high quality gifts and excellent service to our customers.

Modern styling: It is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.

After sales service: We provide great value to our products and help the customers win.

Quality Gifts: Our brand and quality is remembered by our customers long after the price is forgotten.